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In this sacred moment, I recognize that there is one universal presence, a source of infinite love and wisdom that permeates all of creation. It is a healing energy that flows through every atom and cell of my being, and I am intimately connected to this divine essence.

I affirm that my body is a sacred temple of life, constantly regenerating and renewing itself. I acknowledge that the same intelligence that created the universe resides within me, guiding my body's natural healing processes. I release any fear, doubt, or limiting beliefs that may hinder the healing potential within me.

I declare that perfect health and well-being are my birthright. I align my thoughts and beliefs with the truth of my wholeness. I affirm that every cell, tissue, and organ in my body is functioning optimally and harmoniously. I open myself to the infinite healing power of the universe, allowing it to restore balance and vitality to every aspect of my physical being.

I recognize that my thoughts and emotions have a profound impact on my body's healing capacity. I choose to cultivate a mindset of love, gratitude, and positivity. I release any negative thoughts or patterns that may contribute to dis-ease, replacing them with thoughts of wellness, strength, and vitality. I embrace a deep sense of inner peace and harmony, knowing that my body responds to the healing energy of love and compassion.

I call upon the universal intelligence to guide and support all healthcare professionals involved in my healing journey. I affirm that I attract the right people, treatments, and resources necessary for my complete and swift recovery. I trust in the wisdom of my body, allowing it to communicate its needs and guiding me toward the most appropriate actions and choices for my well-being.

I am grateful for the healing energy that flows through me, restoring balance and vitality to every cell of my body. I give thanks for the miraculous intelligence that orchestrates my physical well-being. I surrender any attachment to the outcome and trust in the divine timing and unfolding of my healing process.

With deep gratitude and unwavering faith, I release this spiritual mind treatment to the universal intelligence, knowing that it is already done. I embrace the healing energy that is available to me and allow it to manifest in every aspect of my physical being. And so it is.