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We start with the simple proposition that a Higher Power, known by many names in many different traditions around the world, is a force for good - not only around, but also within, every individual. Our doors and hearts are open to all seeking wisdom, inspiration, and connection. Does this ring true to you? Explore further with us.

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May 2023 Theme – Consciously Planting Evolutionary Good  

This month, we celebrate the arrival of spring, a time of renewal and growth, and recognize that it is an opportunity to plant seeds of intention and desire. By doing so with a sense of purpose and responsibility, we participate in the evolution of our own consciousness and the world around us, co-creating a rich and bountiful harvest in the fall that benefits both ourselves and the greater good.

May's Affirmation:

"I embrace the renewal and aliveness of spring and plant the seeds of my intentions with faith and love. My harvest in the fall will be rich and full, both for me and for the world around me."

May's Spiritual Mind Treatment

I recognize that there is one infinite and loving Intelligence that flows through all of creation and that this Intelligence is also within me. I connect with this power of the universe within me, and I welcome the energy of renewal and aliveness that spring brings.  

In this season of new beginnings, I recognize that it is a time to plant the seeds of my intentions, desires, and goals. I know that these seeds will grow and flourish with the nurturing of faith, love, and positivity. With the support of the infinite Intelligence that guides all of creation, I trust that my seeds will germinate and grow into a rich and bountiful harvest in the fall.  

I honor this season of new beginnings as an opportunity to align my personal growth with the evolution of the world around me. I choose to be guided by wisdom, compassion, and vision as I co-create a brave new world that reflects the beauty, harmony, and abundance of the universe.  

As I continue on my journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery, I know that I am not alone. I am thankful that the infinite Intelligence within me is always present, guiding and supporting me every step of the way. And so, I am filled with gratitude and love for all that is, knowing that the universe is conspiring in my favor.  

I release this treatment to the Law of Mind, knowing that it is already done.   

And So It Is!

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Book Study
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

On Thursday, May 11th we will start our next Book Study with Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements”. This is the first of 3 books we will read by Ruiz. Celeste will outline the timeline for the 3 books when we meet on the first night. (see below for the other book titles).   The other books: are “The Mastery of Love” and "The Voice of Knowledge”. We do hope you will join me for this powerful series!  To participate email practitioner Celeste Haskel at om_celeste@hotmail.com