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In this sacred moment, I recognize that there is one universal presence, a divine source of all creation. It is a wellspring of love, strength, and wholeness. I acknowledge that this divine presence resides within me, guiding and supporting my path to freedom from addiction.

I affirm that I am a beloved child of the universe, deserving of a life filled with health, joy, and balance. I release any shame, guilt, or self-judgment associated with my addiction, knowing that it does not define my true essence. I embrace a mindset of compassion, self-love, and forgiveness as I embark on this transformative journey.

I acknowledge the power of my thoughts and beliefs in shaping my reality. I choose to release the belief that I am powerless over my addiction. Instead, I affirm my innate strength, resilience, and ability to heal. I declare that I am fully capable of transcending addictive patterns and reclaiming my life.

I call upon the divine intelligence to guide and support me on this path of healing. I am open and receptive to the wisdom, insights, and opportunities that will lead me to the resources and support I need. I trust in the divine timing, knowing that the right people, treatments, and tools will be drawn into my life at the perfect time.

I affirm that I am free from the grip of addiction. I release the cravings, the destructive behaviors, and the patterns that no longer serve me. I replace them with healthy choices, self-care, and a deep connection to my inner strength and divine presence. I am supported in cultivating new habits, embracing healthier coping mechanisms, and nourishing my mind, body, and spirit.

I express gratitude for the healing energy that flows through me. I am grateful for the lessons learned through my addiction, for they have served as catalysts for growth and self-awareness. I am thankful for the support of loved ones, therapists, healers, and all those who walk alongside me on this journey of recovery.

With unwavering faith and deep gratitude, I release this spiritual mind treatment to the universal intelligence, knowing that it is already done. I trust in the power of divine transformation and healing as I overcome addiction and reclaim my life. I am free, whole, and filled with love and vitality. And so it is.