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 “The first wealth is health.”                                                                      Ralph Waldo Emerson                                               Perfect Health is My Divine Birthright   There is only One Source. One Divine Intelligence.  One Creative Energy and Healing Power.  This One I call God and it is always in perfect expression.  Working for, through, and as me in creative partnership.  And it is with this acknowledgment of oneness, I claim right and right now perfect health.   There is no separation between me and God’s healing power. And I am willing to be willing to allow this flow of healing to pulse through my being.  I am open to the healing benefits Life has NOW.  I let go of anything that is no longer serving me and step into the healing light of Spirit.    I fully accept perfect health and wellness.  I am full of life – healthy, whole, and complete in every area of my body, mind, spirit, emotions, and life. Perfect health and wholeness are my divine birthright. I am the perfect me and I rejoice in the abundance and perfection of my life and health.   I am filled with gratitude for the perfection of my being as it reveals itself each day. With a thankful heart, I release my word to the Law of Mind, knowing that it is already done. I let go and I let God. And so it is.