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In this sacred moment, I recognize that there is one universal source, a divine intelligence that is the essence of all life. It is an infinite wellspring of love, comfort, and peace. I acknowledge that this divine presence embraces all beings, including our departed loved one.

I affirm that love transcends physical boundaries and continues beyond the veil of death. Although our loved one may no longer be with us in a physical form, their spirit lives on, eternally connected to the divine source. I honor the life and legacy of our beloved, cherishing the memories and the impact they have had on our lives.

I allow myself to feel the depth of grief and loss, knowing that it is a natural part of the human experience. I give myself permission to mourn, to express emotions, and to seek support from those who understand and empathize with my journey.

I affirm that in the midst of loss, there is a sacred space for healing, comfort, and transformation. I open my heart to receive the love and support of family, friends, and the divine presence. I surrender any feelings of guilt, regret, or resentment, replacing them with forgiveness, understanding, and compassion.

I choose to celebrate the life of our loved one, embracing the precious moments shared and the lessons learned. I express gratitude for the gift of their presence in our lives, recognizing the impact they have made on our souls. I honor their journey, trusting that they have transitioned to a realm of love, peace, and spiritual growth.

I affirm that divine love surrounds and sustains us during this time of loss. I allow this love to heal and comfort our hearts, bringing solace and a sense of inner peace. I trust that the divine intelligence is guiding us through the grief process, providing strength and resilience each step of the way.

I embrace the truth that our loved one's spirit remains forever connected to us. I am open to receiving signs, messages, and a sense of their presence as they continue to support and guide us from the spiritual realm.

With reverence and gratitude, I release this spiritual mind treatment to the universal intelligence, knowing that it is already done. I surrender to the healing power of divine love and wisdom as we navigate this journey of loss. May we find comfort, solace, and a deep connection to the eternal nature of our loved one's spirit. And so it is.