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We start with the simple proposition that a Higher Power, known by many names in many different traditions around the world, is a force for good - not only around, but also within, every individual. Our doors and hearts are open to all seeking wisdom, inspiration, and connection. Does this ring true to you? Explore further with us.

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Rev. Debby O'Donnell's Weekly Message

July 2024  Theme – “The Freedom Factor”

As we celebrate the independence of our nation this month, we will also celebrate the idea of being free – truly free.  Each week, we will apply the “Freedom Factor” to a different aspect of our lives and emerge stronger, more empowered Incarnations of the Divine.  


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This Coming Sunday's Service
“Freedom to Be Me” with Rev. Joanne Biewald

It is a fundamental tenet of New Thought that we are each perfect, unique individual expressions of God.  But, as you were molded and shaped by your upbringing and environment, were you given the freedom to be you?  Many of us were not.  Today, together, we experience the freedom to start anew so that we can be who we were meant to be