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We start with the simple proposition that a Higher Power, known by many names in many different traditions around the world, is a force for good - not only around, but also within, every individual. Our doors and hearts are open to all seeking wisdom, inspiration, and connection. Does this ring true to you? Explore further with us.

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Rev. Debby O'Donnell's Weekly Message

June 2024  Theme – “All Good in the Neighborhood”

This will be an eclectic month as we take a look at the Good (the God!) in our lives from a different vantage point each week.  Beginning with a grounding in the goodness of the here and now and concluding with an interesting study of what Jesus and Ernest would do to call forth the Greater Good, we will gather as friends and neighbors to celebrate the Good (the God!) in all!


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What Would Jesus and Ernest Do? with Rev. Debby O’Donnell

How would Ernest find the good in a troubling situation?  How would Jesus?  Today we wrap up our month’s them by exploring the common ways these spiritual giants approached life to find that it truly is all good in the neighborhood!