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The Practitioners

My spiritual journey has led me from a strong protestant upbringing, through many years of Bible study to New Thought which I've been studying for the past 25 years and Science of Mind, specifically, since 2006. This is my spiritual home.


Daisy McKinley

Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis has an amazingly supportive group of Prayer Practitioners!  They have all completed Centers for Spiritual Living's required practitioner coursework, and are certified to pray with people. 


"We are hear to practice love.  

We are here to practice compassion.  

We are here to practice being the presence of God."  


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Leif Nestingen

I have been active in New Thought communities for many years, and a licensed CSL practitioner since 2013. 


Dee Ray

Come visit me at Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis! I have been a student of Science of Mind for over thirty years, and a practitioner since 2014.  

Vie Rude

I became a Science of Mind practitioner in Russia, in 2004. In Russia, I worked with ministers as a translator, helping with courses, counseling, 12 step groups, conferences, and translating books and materials for courses. In the U.S., I  have been a practitioner in the Twin Cities since 2011. This philosophy has changed my life in an unbelievable ways. It taught me how to direct and control my thoughts. I have met so many people from all over the world, and created strong friendships. With no religious background, this teaching became my belief core.

Dee Erickson

I found Science of Mind (and Heart 💗) at Mile High Church in Colorado.  Raised Catholic, I tried liberal Catholicism, then Unity, and finally landed at Mile High Church. I sizzled in my seat!  From my first Foundations Class I loved this philosophy, and knew I would become a practitioner.  When I moved back to Minneapolis, MN, I was part of a team that founded Our Spiritual Center, which brought Science of Mind to the Twin Cities. I was on the board and became a practitioner in 2013.  I am happy to continue my practice through Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis.  I look forward to meeting you and affirming with you -- the desires of your heart. 💗