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About Us

Center for Spiritual Living MInneapolis is a healthy and happy non-profit spiritual community in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  At CSL MPLS, we believe that the secret to living a fulfilling and happy life starts with a healthy balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Our practical and uplifting services are here to help you to create this balance in your life.  And with all of the wonderful, loving people in the Center for Spiritual Living community, you will have plenty of support to help maintain that healthy flow!  Feel free to stop by one of our Sunday services, or send us a message today and let us know what's on your mind!


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Center for Spiritual Living Basics


Creating a Healthy Mind

The mind is  like a garden.   It is important to keep the weeds out.   We flourish when we keep our minds nourished by healthy

in-put.   This can be done by opening to guidance through meditation, introducing healthy practices, or taking inspirational and 

informative classes.  Join us, in a community of open-minded, positive people, to continue the conversation and tend to the garden of your mind!


Creating a Healthy Body

‚Äč Center for Spiritual Living is committed to supporting good physical health.   Networking with a wide variety of health experts, allows us to stay abreast of alternative methods of staying fit and energetic.   It allows us to do what is ours to do!

Creating a Healthy Spirit

Each of us has a spiritual life unique and personal to ourselves.   There is but One power in the universe and that is a power for good!  What we call that power is up to us.  Just as our minds and bodies require nourishment, so does our spiritual life.   At Center for Spiritual Living, we are reminded that we are not alone.  Creative Energy sustains, uplifts, and strengthens us on the joyful adventure of living!